One Little Word | Pause – November and December 2020

I went with a circular design (I drew around a saucer) and a host of stickers to wrap up November and December’s One Little Word.

For November, I chose to focus on the glorious Autumn skies across our local park.

For December, I chose images of London’s decorated West End.

One 8×8 layout per month proved to a great way for me to record 2020’s One Little Word | Pause. Not once, back in January when I settled on my word, did I imagine that the world would join me in pausing. 🙂

10 thoughts on “One Little Word | Pause – November and December 2020

  1. It certainly was an unpredictably appropriate choice of word – now we are keen to hear what you have chosen for 2021! I love these circular pages, they are so effective.

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  2. I am a big fan of those circular scatter pages. Pause was certainly a key word for many us in this last year, I still refer to it as The Great Pause. You worked well with your OLW for 2020.

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  3. “Pause” turns out the be the perfect word for 2020–even if you had no idea when you chose it! Maybe this year your one little word should be “re-start!”

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