December Daily | Days 21-25

Welcome to December Daily, my favourite project of the year.

Day 21: was the day I wrote about cancelled plans.

Day 22: was the day we donated cash and groceries to food bank.

Day 23: was the day more bad news relating to Covid-19 was released and I struggled with it.

Day 24: was the day when there was nothing left to do but enjoy it. I paired the pocket page with a 7×5 photo of the festive reindeer currently gracing our local shopping centre. I stitched an extra pocket (the right way up!) so I could add a few more photos.

Day 25: was very quiet and spent at home. I didn’t take many photos during Christmas Day and that’s okay.

I finished off the album with a 6×8 pocket filled with receipts and stuff I wanted to keep.

December Daily | my favourite project of the year.

10 thoughts on “December Daily | Days 21-25

  1. We took hardly any photos on Christmas Day either … Like you, there was walking and Zoom. Glad to see that you were able to enjoy the days, despite the bad news (and it’s not getting much better, really). I love your mix of photos and cards, and bits of honest journalling.

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  2. I think we may have had very similar Christmases! Food, drink, walks and Zoom! We still got dressed up and set the table nicely to make it seem more special than a normal roast dinner.
    The news does seem to be getting bleaker by the day doesn’t it? I have gone from hardly knowing about any positive cases at all to hearing about 7 on Boxing Day and a further 4 yesterday. Today our son had a notification that someone, somewhere, that he had been near 10 days ago has just logged a positive test on the Track and Trace app. So he has missed 9 days of isolation and has just one to do now. But being in Tier 2 last week, he spent Christmas Day with his in laws when really, if they had logged the result earlier, he would have been in isolation. And this is how it spreads! Fortunately he appears to be well, but who knows? And the only place he went 10 days ago was to pick up a takeaway coffee.

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    1. The news is so bleak, I sometimes feel that I can’t bear to hear any more of it. Like you, we are beginning to hear from friends who have contracted Covid, despite being careful and avoiding other people.
      I even brought out the candles for the Christmas dining table. 🙂


  3. You did well to create such festive pages, I like your cluster on the 23rd. A very nice family photo on the 24th.

    I don’t think there is a country without dire news regarding COVID. As the lowly citizen, I am feeling extremely let down by my provincial government, who decided to take the Christmas break to stop the vaccine program!!! What idiots & NOW they say, oh that was a mistake – dah! Our federal government still allowing international flights & NOT checking the passengers but NOW they have banned flights from London England – barn door, horse …

    I am remembering one of my Gran’s sayings … it always gets worse before it gets better.

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    1. It seems that your Gran was quite correct … I know the end is coming, thanks to global vaccination but blimey, things continue to be grim while we wait.


  4. Despite Covid 19 you managed to create a lovely Christmas albumn. It will be strange to recall in future years.
    The end feels a long way off still, even the vaccination programme seems to be very slow. My daughter was contacted by Track and Trace seven days later so only had to isolate for three days. Why does it take so long for track and trace to notify people?
    Wishing you all the best for 2021.
    Happy New Year – we all need a better year.

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    1. The Track and Trace app seems to have been such a disappointment – how did the UK get it so wrong?
      Thanks, as always, for reading and I wish you a very happy new year! 🙂


  5. It looks like a lovely Christmas despite all the news and mandates! Your album is so wonderfully festive & will bring good memories of this tough time! We had a quiet day at home. My parents joined us here, but all other “activities” were via Zoom.

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