December Daily | Days 16-20

Welcome to December Daily, my favourite project of the year.

Day 16: was the day London moved up into Tier 3 – Very High Risk.

Day 17: was the last day of term and Christmas Jumper Day.

Day 18: was the day I planned which festive films I’d like to watch. (So far, The Boy Child and I have watched The Polar Express.)

Day 19: was the day I felt overwhelmed. I spent the afternoon in bed with Netflix and Tilly. BoJo announced the creation of Tier 4 … with London and most of the Home Counties going into it with almost immediate effect.

Day 20: was the day I spent a few hours cyber-cropping with The Best Friend. Champagne and mince pies may have been involved. 🙂 I paired it with a 3×8 staying-at-home filler card.

Project Life, my favourite project of the year.

6 thoughts on “December Daily | Days 16-20

  1. So much to record these days. I like the 3X8 filler card. TBC’s jumper is certainly the star of the 17th. Tilly seems like the perfect companion for a Netflix binge retreat day – thankfully you didn’t need to share the chocolate with her. Our provincial lockdown starts Dec 26th; half are bitching that it starts at all, half are bitching it hasn’t started already & now there’s the added element of a new strain appearing everywhere – silly to close the barn door now, the horse, the sheep, the cattle are all out … I think you may need to shift over a spot on the bed, I’m joining you – I’ve got chocolate!

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    1. It seems that the citizens of Canada are behaving in a similar fashion to the citizens of the UK.
      I’ll give you a shout next time I take to my bed and I’ll leave room for you – Tilly doesn’t take up too much space! 🙂

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  2. It amused me that when you were feeling overwhelmed by the continuing levels of bad news followed by bad news, the show you watched was ‘how to get away with murder’ – did you have anyone in mind? 😉
    I’m really hoping that next year’s December Daily will be full of events, gatherings, and fun times with friends – person to person!
    I felt very deflated on Monday, and very emotional for some strange reason while they were playing ‘so here it is Merry Christmas everybody’s having fun’ in Tesco because it sure looked to me that the people in there suddenly having to buy food for Christmas dinner were not having fun!
    I’ve found the perfect antidote to feeling despondent, have a chat with Leo. He is SO excited, he cannot wait for Christmas Day to be here and his happiness is so contagious. Oh to be four again!

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    1. Haha, that TV show came up in the ‘recommended for you’ slot and I like Viola Davis. 🙂 It’s very easy TV.
      Yes the customers in our local supermarket aren’t looking too chipper either.
      Perhaps you could encourage Leo to start a Covid Chat Line?


  3. Your pages are full of bright colour and variety – and I am guessing that belies the reality of the days behind them at times. I completely understand your reactions on the 19th, and I wish I’d had your wisdom to head for comfort and bed rather than struggling on. It’s the next few months that I really fear. Your young man is so tall and slim now, and looks great in his jumper; great indeed that the got to be in school for the whole term. Sending sympathy, empathy and warmest good wishes.

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    1. That afternoon in bed did me the power of good (with the Strictly final helping to dispel the news at 4pm).
      I think the winter months will be harder on everyone and I’m fearful that schools might not reopen in the New Year.
      Happy Christmas to you and yours! x


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