Four Ways to Give Back During A Global Pandemic

Christmas is the season of giving, right?  It can, however, also be the season where everything becomes a little too hectic and you lose sight of what’s important. 

The Brainy One and I give to charity all year-round and have done since we were first married. This year, so many more people are in need of extra support and we’ve thought a great deal about how best we might be able to help.

Here are four ways to embrace the season of giving:

  1. Donate money or dry foodstuffs to a food bank.  We donate cash to the food bank where my brother-in-law is a trustee and cooker of Christmas lunch for 50+ homeless people, and we donate a basket of groceries at our local supermarket.
  2. Donate a Christmas gift to a charity local to you or fill a shoe box for Operation Christmas Child
  3. We supported the Metropolitan Police’s Christmas Appeal again this year.  I bought a gift for a boy the same age as The Boy Child.
  4. Donate a pint of blood.  Supplies often run low over the Christmas period, so maybe consider donating a pint as a Christmas gift to yourself.  I donated last week.  British readers can find out more here.

6 thoughts on “Four Ways to Give Back During A Global Pandemic

  1. This year has shown us that it is more important than ever to donate to charities. Our son and daughter in law both work for charities, one for the homeless and one for a charity who provide meals for the homeless and those in need. So that makes us especially aware of how crucial it is that we find ways to help wherever possible. We have to tried to donate to local causes, food to the food bank and winter clothes to the night shelter for example. If everyone that can help does a little bit, it will make a tremendous amount of difference.

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  2. A very timely message. It has been a very rough year for many charities & so many of the annual fund raisers had to be cancelled, yet again reducing the funds available. We have three charities that we support on a regular basis, which is a blend of support for animals & people. Similar to the shoebox charity, locally we have one that fills small back packs for the homeless & sent to a neighbouring city.

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