Covid-19 | The Journal, Part 8

The UK reached a new low in the fight against Covid-19 when the government announced an official death rate of over 50,000. The UK prime minister announced that he would be self-isolating for two weeks after hosting a face-to-face breakfast meeting where a Conservative MP later tested positive. In good news, Moderna announced a 95% success rate in its vaccine trials.

I added two Wit or Wisdom images to break up all the text.

In a space of a few days, the news outlets reported mixed messaging over the University of Oxford/Astrazeneca’s vaccine trial.

The government announced a relaxation of Covid rules over the Christmas period.

The Pfzier BioNTech was approved for use in the UK – an historic day! 🙂

Information relating to the restructured tier systems were released. Following England’s national lockdown, London went into Tier Two – High Risk. Margaret Keenan made history. 🙂

6 thoughts on “Covid-19 | The Journal, Part 8

  1. It sounds like a cliche but it really is a roller coaster year isn’t it? Here’s some bad news, followed by here’s some good news! At least it means you won’t be short of something to record each day! Sorry to hear that London in in Tier 3, to be honest I’m surprised we aren’t too as we border one of the towns in Essex that is Tier 3 and the other half of Hertfordshire has been put there too, we are sandwiched between them so it must surely just be a matter of time.

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  2. Vaccine news is the story of the year. Deb is right, it’s been a roller coaster ride this year. I find it most interesting, that this side of the pond, it was also women that were the first to receive the vaccine. In Ontario & New York State both women are health care workers. Quebec (Canada) vaccinated an 89 yr woman in LTC.

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  3. It’s certainly amazing how the news is up and down. You’re doing a great job recording this in your journal! I just heard London’s in Tier 4 now. 😦 Such a hard Christmas this will be for many. Sending hugs across the pond as we watch death rates increase & a vaccine roll our here as well.


  4. I’m a day or so late … and it’s extraordinary how much things have changed in just forty-eight hours. Truly, if this was a film, no-one would believe the twists, turns and volte-faces. You are doing a splendid job of recording it all in such vivid detail – a wonderful record for the years to come.


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