The Cotswold Reindeer Herd

Last Saturday, our closest friends invited us to join them in a socially-distanced visit to the Cotswold Reindeer Herd. It’s not a huge setup, but it was worth an hour or so of our time. All the reindeer are penned, but visitors are allowed to feed them delicious lichen and pat them.

I was expecting their fur to be a little on the rough side; in reality, it’s beautifully soft. Their antlers feel velvety when stroked. 🙂

The only drawback was that dogs are not allowed on site, which meant that we had to split staying outside with Tilly – The Brainy One took the first shift and my friend’s dog-obsessed son took the second.

The reindeer are available to visit until New Year’s Eve, booking advisable due to limited numbers.

9 thoughts on “The Cotswold Reindeer Herd

  1. FUN. What a great way to spend some time with friends & ensure Santa knows about your fondest Christmas wish. You did whisper that wish to the reindeer? Your first little magical beastie seems to have some antler growth direction issue – did they mention is this will right it self? The last photo – close up of the nose is my favourite one.

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