15 Things About Me As A Reader

  1. I can’t remember not being able to read.
  2. As a child, my favourite author was Enid BlytonThe Famous Five, Malory Towers series et al – most of them were second-hand copies Mum had picked up at jumble sales or Bring and Buys.
  3. My favourite book of all time is A Town Like Alice.
  4. I am a habitual re-reader. I don’t understand people who tell me they never read a book more than once.
  5. I am a fan of listening to an audio book when in the car. (The Boy Child usually insists on Stephen Fry reading the Harry Potter series).
  6. I only have one book on the go at the same time.
  7. My current favourite author is Mhairi McFarlane.
  8. Mum worked in a library for a lot of my childhood and I loved going to meet her from work earlier than needed, because it meant I invariably had the run of the children’s section (everyone else of school age having gone home for their supper).
  9. I’m not a huge fan of the ‘classics’, but I have read and enjoyed many of the more popular ones – The Secret Garden, Little Lord Fauntleroy, A Little Princess (I had these as a 3-in-1 hardback edition as a child), Wuthering Heights (actually, I read this because I felt I should; I decided they were all bonkers), Little Women, Pride and Prejudice, Oliver Twist and North and South.
  10. I read every day.
  11. I do most of my reading in the hour before bed.
  12. I’ve realised that owning a Kindle hasn’t taken me to the dark side. There is room in the world for a traditional book and an e-book.
  13. I don’t generally read horror or sci-fi/fantasy (but I make an exception for Outlander).
  14. I buy friends copies of my favourite reads for Christmas and Just Because – Daisy, One Day in December and The Flatshare have all been gifted.
  15. I can’t stand TV or film production companies who buy books rights and then totally change the story. It irritates the you-know-what out of me (first world problem, obviously). I’m looking at you, Netflix and Virgin River.

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6 thoughts on “15 Things About Me As A Reader

  1. I did not know Virgin River was originally a book! I am enjoying the Netflix shows so am now wondering if I should find the book and see if I enjoy it more than the tv series!
    Oh how I loved Enid Blyton books as a child, I so wanted to go to boarding school after reading Malory Towers!

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    1. The Virgin River books make up quite a series – I think there are 18 in total. I’ve just finished series 2 and was so fed up with how the plot line has been altered. And, in my opinion, not in a good way!
      Haha, I’m another who wanted to go to Malory Towers. 🙂


  2. I smiled throughout this read & a re-read of Bookworm Confessions. I whole heartily agree with #4 – it’s like visiting with friends again. We don’t get Netflix, streaming in rural areas is so not enjoyable. I give thanks for the ability to read & the enjoyment of it at least once a day.

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    1. Like millions of other people, we took out our Netflix subscription during the first lockdown. Living in London means that we have some of the UK’s fastest broadband connections.
      I often remind TBC what a gift and a joy being able to read is. 🙂

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  3. What a great read about you as a reader! I’m also a fan of re-reading & audio books in the car (when we travel…we’ll do that again some day), although I always have more than one book on the go at a time (albeit of different genres). I read every day as well & always before bed, too. And I occasionally take a “reading day” and just ensconce in a comfy chair with an ice cold Coca-Cola and read to my heart’s desire. 🙂


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