December Daily 2020 | Manifesto and Days 1-5

Welcome to December Daily – my favourite project of the year. ๐Ÿ™‚ You can see my foundation pages here.

This year’s Manifesto is super simple – previous experience tells me that this is what works for me. I’ll add a photo of me in my Christmas jumper or Santa hat at some point. The Manifesto is paired with a simple calendar.

Day 1: We went early with the Christmas decorations this year and I began with the mantelpiece.

Day 2: This was the day when I finally made a start on writing our Christmas cards. I wrote the majority of my journaling on a festive postcard from the Store of Utter Gorgeousness.

In between days 2 and 3, I’ve added The Boy Child’s Christmas list – in the green envelope (which he wrote in late October).

Day 3: I made my first two batches of Nigella’s cranberry sauce (and gifted one to my friend while it was still warm).

Day 4: This was the day we said goodbye to The Dutch Friends, as they are returning to The Netherlands. In a pre-Covid world, we’d have gone for dinner or to the pub. In a 2020 world, we met them for a socially-distanced dog walk.

Day 5: This was the day the legendary double-issue of Radio Times went on sale. I now buy two copies, one for The Boy Child to read from cover-to-cover and one for us to flick through when we’re spoilt for TV choice.

December Daily | My favourite project of the year.

9 thoughts on “December Daily 2020 | Manifesto and Days 1-5

  1. Yes, Christmas is going to be different this year, but oh how we will appreciate all those things that we’ve had to cancel when we are able to do them again in 2021. It must have been sad to say goodbye to your friends but fingers crossed that when we have all been vaccinated it will be the perfect excuse for a trip to the Netherlands!

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  2. A great start to your DD. I’ve yet to write a December Manifesto or the Reason Why page; I get as far as, ” why not”, so seeing how you have used the ICB card gives rises to an idea (thanks). I like the photo of TBC in his Santa hat & reading his RadioTimes.

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  3. Oh, how fun for us to follow along on your holiday adventures. This is just so wonderfully done, so we definitely can tell it is your favorite project of the year.

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  4. Yay for some light at the end of the Covid tunnel. Watched a 91 year-old chap talk about having the vaccination over there in Great Britain. He was adorable. Anxious for the vaccine to arrive here.

    Your pages are lovely. I like the 3 ring binder much over the scrapbooks I use. Fun to document each day of the month. We do a sentence a day series, Deb from Debs World joins in. Would love to have you join us in January for all of 2021.

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