Project Life Revisited | Weeks 47 and 48

Week 47:

I caught up on the Americast podcast, which I thoroughly recommend. I splashed out on a set of fabric masks. 🙂 The chalkboard speaks the truth. More sweeping up leaves from our drive.

Week 48:

We made use of the café in the park. I spent time scrapbooking (and had a new favourite sticker). Tilly and I took birthday flowers to my friend and then bought her a cuppa and a slice of cake. I ate my first mince pie of the festive season (and it was delicious).

7 thoughts on “Project Life Revisited | Weeks 47 and 48

  1. Sweeping leaves is one of those satisfying jobs – until you wake up the next day and there are just as many there as there were before you started! Love the Boden mask!

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  2. I so enjoy your pages! I had to smile at two things: that top left-hand card (I think I might be a closet hermit), and your comment about the leaves. We are surrounded by trees (lovely) but the leaf-fall (not so lovely) stretches from October to December, and the leaf-sweeping needs doing daily. Just about done now!

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