It Was Always Going To Happen

For most parents, I should think that it’s a rite of passage. There comes a point in life when your child/ren are somehow taller than you.

The milestone of The Boy Child becoming taller than me was reached a few days ago …

The reflection of our dark hair in the mirror perhaps doesn’t make it that clear. I am 5′ 6″ and a bit, which makes The Boy Child around 5′ 7″ … a bittersweet moment.

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7 thoughts on “It Was Always Going To Happen

  1. Well thank goodness you hung on to the 5’6″ & a bit … to quote Sian from the 1 metre 36 centimeters post – he will soon be patting you on the top of the head! Great photos by the way.

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  2. Oh my … indeed such a big moment. I remember it well, twice over. And my grandson, whom we’ve not seen for six months, told me gleefully over a FaceTime last night that, at the ripe old age of twelve, he reckons he too has now exceeded my height. Those are such great photos – congrats to the Man In The MIrror.

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