Life in Lockdown 2.0 | What Are Your Essential Non-Essentials?

On Thursday, 5 November, England moved into a month-long lockdown. Shops and businesses classed as non-essential have been ordered to close until early December. There is obviously no guarantee that Lockdown 2.0 won’t be further extended into January 2021.

Over the first few days on November, I made a short list of things to purchase or do that might not be considered essential. The list of just four things was, however, essential non-essentials for me. 🙂

I went to the salon and queued for 20 minutes to have my eyebrows done. Both The Brainy One and The Boy Child went for what I termed a top-up haircut.

I bought flowers, enough to fill three vases.

I invited my friend to join Tilly and me on our afternoon walk, and we stopped at the café. (During the next month, we will be allowed to meet one person from another household outdoors.)

What things would be on your essential non-essentials list?

6 thoughts on “Life in Lockdown 2.0 | What Are Your Essential Non-Essentials?

  1. Definitely a haircut! Plus keeping our Zumba class ‘in person’, she only allows 24 ladies in a room which is allowed to hold 38 in social distancing, all doors and windows are kept open, we are practically in the open air! We all wear a mask to enter and only remove it for the 45 mins of the class then put it back on to exit the hall. Flowers, yes I agree with that, I always try to have fresh flowers in the house. Meeting up with a friend, definitely. Glad you got your non-essentials in before lockdown began!

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  2. What a good question. I have to think on it, but I put the library up there, although I haven’t actually been inside the library, having the ability to order books online, that you hold in your hand, to be able to pick up at the front door of the building. During our original lockdown, it was only ebooks, for which I am thankful but having a real book in my hands makes the whole joy of reading complete.

    Happy weekend.

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  3. I like your thinking :). At least this time, we have an idea when it ends which wasn’t so in the first one. Your vases of flowers are lovely … Here, the only thing I did was to accept my hairdresser’s offer to bring forward my late November appointment to the day before lockdown, for which I was very grateful! My essential non-essentials included buying sixty blank cards and envelopes (for making our own Christmas cards), and more of the fine liner pens I like to write with. I also went to the library where, an hour before closing, they didn’t know what was going to be happening to the library during lockdown as the powers-that-be hadn’t told them …

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