Scrapbooking in 2020 #16

The lovely Mary-Lou, of Patio Postcards blog and organiser of the ever-popular Summer Photography Scavenger Hunt, recommended Scrapbooking Quebec on YouTube as a source of scrappy inspiration and she wasn’t wrong. 🙂

Taking inspiration from her easy-to-follow videos, I produced two layouts starring our great nephews.

The first spread marks the twins joining their big brother at school (although I have absolutely no idea how that is even possible; weren’t they just born?)

The second spread is about the birthday party that wasn’t … participating via Zoom does not a birthday party make. 🙂

9 thoughts on “Scrapbooking in 2020 #16

  1. It’s always good to investigate new techniques and ideas and I bet following something on youtube is a good way to do it – thank goodness for blog friends with recommendations!
    We won’t be able to see Rosie for her 2nd birthday (unless we have formed a childcare bubble with them by then) and that’s a very strange thing to contemplate. It will be the first family birthday that we won’t all be able to get together 😦 At least I can meet her and one other person for a ‘one to one’ walk round the lake. Then when we get back, Paul can do the same! It only seems like yesterday you were sharing photos of the twins’ arrival – how can they possibly be going to nursery?

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    1. I think that we all have to find what works, while staying within the rules. Being able to meet one other person outside of your household is a definite bonus.


  2. So glad you enjoyed Dorothy’s style. I thought you two would get on well. I echo Deb’s comment about the g-nephews – didn’t they just arrive into this crazy world? Great layouts & like Dorothy, you do embellishments with panache.

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  3. What beautiful trios in both layouts! You’ve really done then proud, letting the photos star and yet adding touches what really enhance them. I love your little clusters. Time does indeed whip by – it seems no time since our lovely grand-daughter was, just a year ago, lying on her back in a Moses basket and now she is runnig around, climbing up and and down slides and furniture and chattering away. And you are right – Zoom is not the same as a proper party. Hopefully you’ll all be able to get together before too long!

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