Covid-19 | Life in Lockdown – At Home Revisited

Back in April, as well as reaching out to friends around the world for their thoughts on lockdown, I also wrote a short piece about my own lockdown experiences.

Six months on, I’ve written another, so grab a cuppa and pull up a chair.

As I type this, London currently sits in Tier 2 – High of the UK’s Covid-19 restrictions. This means we can no longer meet our family of friends at any indoor location. We can still meet outdoors in a group of six or less. Pubs and restaurants are still open but close their doors at 10 pm. We’re allowed to travel but are asked to minimise the number of journeys we make. We’re still allowed to stay overnight in an hotel.

What has this meant for us?

The Boy Child continues to go to school, which I’m grateful for, as I don’t want to even think about him being at home for another continuous 192 days. The Brainy One and I continue to work from home. Tilly’s daily walks have become longer, which she and I are both happy about. Weekend outings are now restricted to visiting our favourite National Trust properties (while they are still open).

What about those things I embraced back in late March?

Daily 10-minute Pilates sessions have become part of my daily routine. I’m ‘attending’ (via YouTube) a high-impact Step class every other day. I’ve cancelled my gym membership. Around 90% of everything I planted in the garden or in pots has survived. πŸ™‚ Current gardening activity is mainly leaf sweeping and pulling up the most obvious weeds.

What about the things that used to be considered routine or ‘normal’?

I’m limiting my in-person visits to the supermarket and have a delivery every two weeks or so. My pantry has never been so well stocked. We’ve all been for haircuts and I’ve been to the salon to have my eyebrows done.

We’ve stopped going to the pub and out to eat. If I meet my London friends in person, we meet in the park and not in our favourite coffee shop. We haven’t been anywhere near a cinema and have decided not to book Panto tickets for December (the Panto has kicked off our family’s Christmas traditions for several years).

We moved our trip to Bruges to next Spring, with the option to move it again. We have not made any new travel plans (New Year’s Eve in New York City will have to wait for another year). We will not be hosting our annual Non-Christmas Christmas Drinks Party.

What about our emotional well-being?

The main thing to be grateful for is that none of us has contracted Covid-19. We are all well. We are able to stay in touch with family and friends by using social media and by meeting in person outside. Our world may not look like anything we’ve been used to, but there’s still an awful lot to be thankful for.

How’s your world looking right now?

11 thoughts on “Covid-19 | Life in Lockdown – At Home Revisited

  1. What an interesting follow up post. Reassuring to hear that things in Tier 2 are better than the original lockdown (especially as I’m sure that we are headed that way!) It’s interesting to see that you know your own comfort zones and even though something like going to the cinema is no longer banned, you still don’t feel comfortable going to somewhere like that. I’m the same, just because I can do something, doesn’t mean that I will want to do it! We have been selective in places that we have been to for meals, and chosen only places that we know are sticking to the rules and the tables are well spaced. Also, only seeing people who have been as careful as we have.
    Oh how you will enjoy that new year in New York when you do manage to get there!

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  2. Thanks for sharing. It’s good that TBC is still attending in classroom learning & what great new routines you have developed, such as long walks, fitness classes & gardening; all good for mind body & spirit. We have also restricted meeting of friends to only out of doors; with winter coming on fast, this activity will soon resume in the social media & technology ways that our our new skill sets have developed.

    I think world wide these tiers & stages of restrictions are so different than March’s Lockdown rules. It seems every country is finding the fluid level of restrictions that the people can sort of live with. I must admit to being SO discouraged by many people’s lack of regard for rules at any tier or stage. I think of Mr Spock’s famous quote “the needs of the many out weigh the needs of the one”

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  3. I’ve really enjoyed reading how things are for you … Like you, we eschew cinemas, restaurants etc. and shop infrequently. The National Trust is a great boon, isn’t it, though we need to travel some distance to get our nearest one; I’ve enjoyed the photos you’ve posted of your trips out. We have made no plans for holidays, as things are so uncertain and, like Deb, I will not be surpised by another national lockdown …

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  4. Here in the U.S. (My part is in New York State) We are on a wild roller coaster ride. For my part I feel lucky to be in New York since we have a strong governor who follows the science and not politics when dealing with Covid 19. We have gone from the highest infection rate to the lowest under his leadership. I wish I could say the same for the rest of the nation. Looking how people are reacting here and all over the world makes me wonder how human kind has survived through the years. A strong argument for God no doubt.

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    1. The news from the US reported here is rather alarming, to be honest. I love NYC and want to visit again soon, so it’s good to know that the governor appears to have a grip.


  5. Yes! So much to be thankful for here as well … we’re healthy, we’re together, we’ve had visits with family, we were able to travel for a family funeral (despite it being stressful & exhausting), Robbie starts a new job next week (permanently working remote from home), several scrapbook-for-hire projects for me & plenty of time to work on them, Zoom with friends, blog posts to keep up with my friends around the world πŸ™‚ … we’re blessed in the midst of this pandemic.

    It is interesting to see how so much has changed & the adaptations you’ve been able to make. I’m glad the schools are still in … same here, although many students haven chosen a virtual learning option where it’s available.

    Oh my New Year’s Eve in New York – that would be so FUN. Wouldn’t it be great to meet up there! πŸ™‚ No travel for us this year…and next year we’re hoping to be in Banff for our 20th anniversary … but the year after that …. πŸ™‚

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