Four Fun Things

In a Creative Bubble has released their latest Christmas offering and it’s fab. 🙂

Americast on BBC Sounds is perfect for those of us who want a clearer understanding of American politics. Both Emily Maitlis and John Sopel are brilliant.

I may have begun my Christmas shopping and even wrapped a few gifts. I may have bought this for myself.

Marks and Spencer has released a Harry Potter range for children. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Four Fun Things

  1. Thanks for those links, I’ve had fun window shopping along side you. I wish there were HP wardrobe things for adults in that M/S collection. I agree, In A Creative Bubble’s Christmas collections are fab.

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  2. That puzzle looks fabulous – Ravensburger is our favorite brand of puzzle! (Followed closely by White Mountain collage puzzles.) We have several with books and one with a bookstore…but not that one. Enjoy!

    That BBC Sounds would probably be interesting…but I’ve had enough of American politics lately. LOL We voted early & cheered when the new Supreme Court Justice was sworn in last night, but otherwise we’re avoiding the political news.

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    1. I’ve been astonished at how many Americans have already voted and that the turnout is expected to be the biggest in years. Great to see democracy in action throughout these difficult times.


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