Project Life Revisited | Weeks 41 and 42

Week 41:

I collected my new retainer from the orthodontist. Autumn has arrived in our favourite local park. We met up with my SiL to walk our dogs together. We celebrated the twins’ birthday over Zoom.

Week 42:

I popped into the salon to get my eyebrows done. 🙂 Not shown are the haircuts three of us had. There were walks in the countryside – one with my SiL and one with friends.

8 thoughts on “Project Life Revisited | Weeks 41 and 42

  1. This year’s project life is going to be quite the project to look back on in years to come isn’t it? Sorry to hear you have gone up a tier, let’s hope that no matter what, schools remain open! We are still in tier 1 – but for how long? We are making the most of doing ‘indoor’ things with friends while we can. Let’s hope the weather remains mild so that we can continue to get our quota of fresh air.

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    1. I think Tier 2 is the worst outcome – the rules are confusing, we’re not confined to our area but not free to meet who or where we like. That sounds like I’m moaning, I’m not really. 🙂 I am, however, considering splurging on a winter waterproof coat from Canada Goose!


  2. Zoom is a wonderful second best to missing out in personal the celebrations for the twin’s birthday. I saw a meme going around the school F/B page “I feel like a kindergartener missing out recess time because of 2-3 other kids bad behaviour” & that certainly how it feels moving back to more restrictive tiers (for us stages). I think the journal card “Stay Safe, Stay Sane” should be made up in poster size …

    Happy Weekend & fingers crossed for good walking weather.

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  3. Staying sane feels more challenging that staying safe, at times … You have a lovely mix of the everyday, and special occasions or trips out here. I always enjoy looking at all your additional bits and pieces; that ‘Daily Life’ tab looks super-useful. You’ve had some lovely walks, and good to see that the restrictions are not totally confining :).

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  4. Bummer that the restrictions have increased there! 😦 So many people here are going about their lives as if there’s not a pandemic going on that it is really scary! I’m getting lots of crafting time in while we continue to stay home.

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