Polish Airmen in the Battle of Britain | 80th Anniversary Exhibition at the Polish Embassy

The Polish Embassy in London is currently hosting a free exhibition about the many Poles who flew with the RAF and helped defend Britain from the Luftwaffe in the summer and autumn of 1940. With the current Covid-19 restrictions regarding public gatherings , the 20-panel exhibit hangs on the railings of the embassy.

The story of the Polish pilots during the Battle of Britain is remarkably inspiring and is always worth retelling. Their courage, resilience and determination are legendary.

The Polish contingent of airmen was the second largest in Fighter Command during the Battle of Britain. This exhibition ensures more people will be aware of what took place, and that the exploits of the ‘Few’ will never be forgotten.

Winston Churchill said on 20 August, 1940, “Never was so much owed by so many to so few”.

The free exhibition is in place until 31 October 2020. Nearest Tube: Oxford Circus.

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8 thoughts on “Polish Airmen in the Battle of Britain | 80th Anniversary Exhibition at the Polish Embassy

  1. That is truly an amazing exhibit – well done to the organizers of this display. There is so much often over looked or forgotten about either World War I or II, so many unsung heroes (both female & male). Mr Churchill could always turn a phrase.

    I’m also trying to find or plan for things to keep the blues at bay, for I believe it will be a long restrictive winter! Happy weekend.

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  2. It is too bad that these same airman after the war were forced to go back to Poland against their will, and live under the rule of Russia. Many ended up in prison on their return. This is part of the story that is seldom told.

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