One Little Word | Pause – July and August 2020

Never in my wildest dreams did I ever imagine the word I chose last December would become so synonymous with all of 2020.

There was only ever going to be one event for July – the long-overdue haircut.

For August, I chose Gummer’s Howe as my pause moment:

12 thoughts on “One Little Word | Pause – July and August 2020

  1. It was indeed prescient! I like your woolly sheep addition to your hairdressing page – a neat comment in itself. That’s a lovely trip of photos, and good to be reminded there have been some very pleasant and life-affirming moments in all of this long pausing.

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    1. I think the sheep are actually llamas, but whatever, they certainly summed up how I felt about my mass of lockdown locks! 🙂
      Our weekend in South Lakeland already feels like a lifetime ago.


  2. I like your two Pause pages – the woolly llama certainly could represent many of us in lockdown locks! My OLW for 2020 is Nourish & there was maybe a little too much food nourishing, but that’s now in check. My August pages were all about the dangling pool moments that truly Nourished me.


  3. It does seem that you had a premonition when you chose your word, there has never been a more appropriate choice! It would just be nice to know when we can press ‘play’ again!

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      1. Yikes! There are still restrictions here, but Texas has opened up a lot. In fact, we are staying at home simply because it seems most people are not! 😐 The couple of times a month that we get out to do errands, it’s terribly busy everywhere. Most people are wearing masks inside stores, etc, but no masks out doors at all. Schools are back in session & sports are being played & even scrapbooking events are happening. I met a client at our local scrapbook store the other day & there were ladies cropping there without masks all day (it’s a small store). Fortunately the owner had set aside a space for me to meet away from the others.

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