Project Life Revisited | Weeks 35 and 36

Week 35:

It was a quiet week, with not many photos. Tilly was happy to snooze the morning away after her walk. We walked in the grounds of Pitzhanger Manor. Saturday night suppers are homemade pizzas. 🙂

Week 36:

I travelled on public transport for the first time in 6 months. I spent two mornings on the hunt for school uniform. I nipped off to Kew Gardens by myself for a few hours. We stopped at an outdoor café when out with my SiL and the dogs.

8 thoughts on “Project Life Revisited | Weeks 35 and 36

  1. My goodness, that’s a very long time to have to wait for a school shop – glad it was productive … The manor looks very elegant (I popped back to your previous post) and it’s always nice to have somewhere gracious to walk and architecture to admire. A quiet week can be a good one (as long as we get moments to ourselves!).

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  2. Being so prepared made those tasks tolerable. Did Kevin’s provide you with something to sit on? I’ve seen a few shops (small privately owned) provide stools outside the shop because they know the wait can be long. And was there a thank you from TBC – or were teen hormones in control? No no let’s focus on the good – Tilly, your SiL, Kew Gardens, moments alone … oh moments alone!

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    1. No chairs for the queue – at its longest, it was probably about 100 people, all socially distanced from each other. There was a fair bit of feet shuffling and pliés (is that how it’s spelt?) from me. 🙂 TBC did thank me and he was immensely relieved that I hadn’t made him come with me.


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