Life in Lockdown | Northern Roadtrip – Coniston Water

What a difference a day makes

We were at Coniston Water early, hoping to rent a boat (having been told we could just turn up, book and head out onto the water) … a little after 10 am on a Sunday morning and every single boat, regardless of size and capacity, was booked.

We were, however, able to find seats on the Coniston Launch – operating at half the usual capacity and the wearing of face masks compulsory.

The cruise runs throughout the day and lasts approximately an hour. The crew don’t give a non-stop commentary, but they do point out things of interest and throw in a few facts here and there … deepest part of the Water is approximately 184 feet.

Brantwood – former home of John Ruskin.
Arthur Ransome’s house.

The Boy Child was thrilled to see the island that he and the friend-who-is-like-my-brother had kayaked to in the Summer of 2018. We call the island Secret Island, its true name is Peel Island and in Swallows and Amazons, it’s called Wild Cat Island.

The weather may have been rubbish, but it didn’t stop us enjoying our time on the water. Although, if I’m honest, an hour is more than enough for me. 🙂

9 thoughts on “Life in Lockdown | Northern Roadtrip – Coniston Water

  1. Oh yes, an hour is plenty of time! It’s such an atmospheric place isn’t it? And how lovely that TBC remembers kayaking across to that island – like something out of the pages of the Famous Five!

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  2. Photos seem to show a bit of a weather day for this boat trip. While I enjoy the pool or beach, I’m not really a boat person, so I am with you on an hour would be sufficient. Still, what a great way to get out of town & enjoy the beauty of all that is close to home.

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  3. Such atmospheric photos … and a great experience for your young man. Given the weather and the choppiness of the lake, I would think that being higher out of the water and letting someone else navigate was a good idea! Brantwood is fascinating – I remember taking my Mum and Dad there. Glad you’ve had time out from the city :).


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