Life in Lockdown | Northern Roadtrip – Gummer’s Howe

Gummer’s Howe in the Lake District offers the shortest hike with the best views. The climb up is just half a mile, but a half a mile that requires stamina and good footwear.

If you’re lucky and climb on a sunny and clear August morning, the views are breathtaking. On the day we were there, we could see all the way to Scafell Pike, England’s highest peak and back to Hoad Monument in Ulverston.

In these uncertain times, the key is to get out in the hills early – we were at the summit by 10.30 and heading back down as the crowds arrived ready to climb.

For me, being out in the hills of the Lake District meant that my anxiety about being back out in the world abated considerably. I enjoyed the physicality of the hike, the views and the company of some of my very favourite people without the worry of social distancing, face masks and hand sanitiser.

Life felt normal.

8 thoughts on “Life in Lockdown | Northern Roadtrip – Gummer’s Howe

  1. Half a mile sounds nothing at all – until you realise what kind of terrain it is! A flat half a mile is much shorter than an uphill one!
    Fantastic views – isn’t it the most beautiful place in the country? Fabulous landscapes, and the perfect place to come out of lockdown.


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