Four Fun Things

London has enjoyed incredible weather over the last few weeks, which has more than made up for the lack of overseas travel.

The availability of an online grocery shopping slot appears to be back to pre-Covid times.

Series 1 of Virgin River on Netflix is a sweet and easy watch (recommended by the lovely Melissa). Just don’t read the Virgin River series of books first, because the series is nothing like them (which I found both incredibly disappointing and frustrating). For the record, I would like to say that former US Marine Jack Sheridan in the books is much, much better than Jack Sheridan in the TV show … hoo rah!

In a Creative Bubble has some fun new releases, which are perfect for recording the Covid Summer of 2020.

7 thoughts on “Four Fun Things

  1. I enjoyed Virgin River too, it was such a nice, easy watch. I then went on to watch Chesapeake Shores, have you seen that? Not the kind of things that Paul wanted to watch so it was tv to iron by in the afternoons!

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  2. Those are indeed four fun things; good weather, some easy TV, so much awful TV, some creative inspiration & ease of getting groceries & hopefully some treats. I really like the flower cart photo, now that be a fun thing to have.

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