Life in Lockdown | Summer Plans

At this point of the year I usually have a day-to-day plan written out of how the Summer holidays might play out … not this year. Obviously.

The Boy Child’s basic plan for Summer 2017

But The Boy Child still prefers to know how a day or days might be filled and winging it every morning just won’t work in these present climes.

So on my Summer list, I have the following:

Pre-booked day trips to National Trust properties. I try to book somewhere on the Friday of the previous week, as slots to the more popular properties fill up quickly.

A potential overnight stay at my Club in town. They are open for business and appear to have all the necessary precautions in place. I just don’t fancy the 35 minute journey on the Tube.

Hanging out with family and friends.

A long weekend away in the UK. This is booked and is causing me the most anxiety. Our destination was chosen for its rural location and lack of crowds.

Taking an overground train into Central London. We can catch a train from our part of West London and be in Paddington in just 6 minutes … perfect for my beloved Little Venice.

It’s a Summer that will look different to previous Summers, but still one that we’ll hopefully enjoy to the full.

How are you spending the long days of Summer, regardless of whether you have children?

6 thoughts on “Life in Lockdown | Summer Plans

  1. Gosh, that will be different, but pleased you’re finding things to enjoy closer to home. I think the underlying anxiety, even if we’ve not conscious of it much, is shaping all our days. Hoping your travelling is easy and safe, and I’m sure you are looking forward to a change of scene.

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  2. I agree with Alexa, just a change of scene, location, is all good. I also think there’s an under lying anxiety about being away from our own bubble (home). But as always, you rise to the challenge & are making the most of the places, times & opportunities to make summer 2020 a fun memorable one. Your men folk are lucky to have such a gifted travel & events advisor!!

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  3. You always manage to find interesting things to do and places to go but I think we are all finding it strange breaking out of the safety of staying at home on our own. We went to the beach today, just for a few hours, took our own picnic so we didn’t have to worry about finding somewhere to eat. It was so nice. It was safe and so lovely to go back. We make a point of going to this particular place at least once a year since the children were very small and once we got there, it was so lovely to find that Covid had not impacted on the area and it was just as relaxing there as it ever was.

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