A Socially-Distanced Visit to Chartwell

Chartwell, the former home of Sir Winston Churchill, has been on our list of National Trust properties to visit for quite a while. The current system of pre-booking and limited numbers meant that now was as good as any other time to visit.

The Churchill family found the upkeep of such a large estate very expensive and allowed a group of businessmen to purchase it for £50,000 who then offered it the National Trust in 1946/47. Their one condition was that Winston and Clementine could continue to live there for as long as they wished.

Even though the house is currently closed, there are plenty of walks and trails around the Estate to enjoy.

On a clear day the views over the West Kent countryside are stunning. Churchill said, “A day away from Chartwell is a day wasted” … can you imagine how glorious it must have been for Churchill’s children to grow up there in the 1930s?

The gardens are beautiful and you never know who you’ll bump into … 🙂

With our Summer being spent at home, I’m sure that a return visit to Chartwell will be on the cards.

7 thoughts on “A Socially-Distanced Visit to Chartwell

  1. In some ways, the need to restrict numbers visiting places of interest has been a benefit to the general public, it looks like you almost had the whole place to yourself! What a beautiful place to live.

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  2. WOW what an estate that is – I would have enjoyed, as a kid, those wide open fields & woods to explore in. OK who am I kidding, I’d enjoy now. The lack of people make for some choice photo opportunities.

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