A Socially-Distanced Return to Greys Court

Up there alongside Hughenden, Grays Court is one of our favourite National Trust properties to visit. We visited earlier this week and enjoyed a few hours walking around the gardens and woods with Miss Tilly.

The house is currently closed, but you can learn a little about the family who owned it here. Although the car park was more than half full, we didn’t see that many people and right now, that’s just how we like it. 🙂

The walled garden was particularly stunning.

At a little over an hour’s drive from West London, Greys Court is an ideal spot to spend a few hours. In the current climate, all visits must be pre-booked via the National Trust’s website.

5 thoughts on “A Socially-Distanced Return to Greys Court

  1. Stunning red bridge – now that’s a garden focal point. I am fast becoming a big fan of walled gardens (it’s on my wish list to have). I wonder what they will do with the artichokes? Do you know what the purple thistle like plant is? Oh yes “we” need to visit again.

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    1. I thought the purple thistle was exactly that, a thistle. The artichoke-type bulbs/buds are pre purple thistle (if that makes sense) … you’ve surely realised by now that I am not a gardener!


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