Project Life Revisited | Weeks 27 and 28

Week 27:

The Boy Child met up with his friend for an hour. I was first through the door for a haircut. 🙂 We spent the day hanging out with The Oldest Friends.

Week 28:

A week with not many photos. Tilly and I spent spent a lot of time outside. I spent a happy few hours looking at photos from Ascension Island. 🙂

6 thoughts on “Project Life Revisited | Weeks 27 and 28

  1. Another few weeks in the book. I am sure it was good for TBC to meet up with a friend – lock down measures have been very hard on the kids. Canada’s big children’s hospital in Toronto released a report urging the authorities to figure out a way for the kids to get back to school this September.

    Happy weekend.

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  2. I knew the hairdressers appointment would make it into the book! I’m pleased TBC got to meet up with his friend, that age group really need to have social interaction with people of their own age. Fingers crossed he will be able to go back to school ‘properly’ in September.

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  3. Yeah for being able to get the haircut! Things here are so bad that openings are rolling back & some things are closing again. School starts mid-August & most districts have announced a delay in face-to-face schooling & will begin the year with distance learning … for three to six weeks, then another determination will be made. I’ve talked with family & friends a lot these past few weeks as things are continually changing & parents are having to make decisions whether to send kids back to class (when schools open) or continue distance learning (which is an option for most districts). I might have already said this … but I’m so glad I’m not teaching right now! I cannot imagine all that teachers are having to do to prepare.

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