For the Love of Books | American Royals

American Royals by Katharine McGee: I read this pretty much in one sitting during the course of a wet afternoon and thoroughly enjoyed it.

Combine royalty and alternate American history, and it’s bound to be a fun read. This was exactly what I wanted it to be: dramatic, creative, romantic, and a lot of fun.

I loved the relationships between siblings, romantic interests, friends and frenemies. There are four points of view, and they all worked. They had distinct voices, and each served a purpose. I had a favorite, of course, but I never wanted to skip past any of them.

I loved how McGee invented an entirely different history for America, including how that would affect the present day. It explores the concept of a monarch’s private vs. public life, including the sacrifices made out of a sense of duty to one’s country.

I have the sequel, Majesty: American Royals II, on pre-order for delivery in September.

9 thoughts on “For the Love of Books | American Royals

  1. What an interesting theory – imagine a King Donald 😉
    Our online book club is about to be told our next read so that will have to be next on my kindle but after that is finished maybe I’ll try this one!

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