Scrapbooking in 2020 #10

I’ve added more pocket page spreads to what will become my Ascension Island album:

A double spread about that time I went out to sea on an ocean-going oil tanker … I had quite a lot to say.

And a single spread about the afternoon I hiked up Green Mountain with pals (and the reason why) … I wrote the journaling on a 3×8 card and I then stitched it to the 12×12 divided pocket page.

Random Fact #1: That ‘Coke Can’ van was a project the lads completed over a weekend. They clubbed together to buy a van that was being withdrawn from service, serviced the engine, sprayed the van red and then used stencils for the white lines and lettering.

Random Fact #2: I remember those lads well … one by his first name and the other two by their nicknames. I don’t believe I ever knew their full names, which is bonkers when you consider how much time I spent with them. 🙂

3×4 and 3×8 cards from In a Creative Bubble.

8 thoughts on “Scrapbooking in 2020 #10

  1. You certainly had some great experiences while you were posted there, and what a lovely way of recording them for posterity! Can’t say I’d fancy that sea trip in bad weather either!

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  2. That was a brave adventure on an oil tanker. I read about Green Mountain’s history (thanks for the link) & another adventure with friends that must give you some kind of “cool Mum” status with TBC.

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