For the Love of Books | Currently Reading June 2020

I took my Kindle back from The Brainy One and settled into a month of romance. I’ve read that the romance-genre is the hidden success of the literary world. Hidden because few people ever admit to buying/reading them. I’m of the opinion that we all need a little love in our lives, in whatever shape of form. No judgement here.

The books I chose to read pretty much guarantee a happy ending, give you the funny with the sad, have emotional depth, and make the reading experience fun.

The Wingmen Series by Daisy Prescott: the Wingmen series of standalone, lighthearted small town romances are set in the American Pacific Northwest. Each book (there are 6 in the series) follows the classic boy meets girl genre, where they have to overcome a series of obstacles before a happy ending. They are quick reads and each book can also be read without having read the previous titles.

Sleepless in Manhattan series by Sarah Morgan: A similar series of six stories, only set in New York City.

6 thoughts on “For the Love of Books | Currently Reading June 2020

  1. Romance books with happy endings would certainly be a wonderful & welcomed diversion to the horror comedy showing going on in the world right now!!

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  2. Sometimes it’s just good to curl up with a book that is pure escapism from all the drama going on around us! I’ve just finished a couple of your other recommendations so may well add these to my ‘to read’ list too.

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