Life in Lockdown | Follow Up on Health Concerns

I had cause recently to make an online request for a telephone consultation with my GP. The system worked well and I had two calls with my doctor over the space of a week. My ailment, such as it was, turned out to be minor (thankfully), but my doctor agreed that I had been correct to make contact.

Waiting at a safe distance to speak to the doctor’s receptionist

Having used the NHS during lockdown, I would urge any of you who feel under the weather, or are worried about a persistent symptom, to make that call or use the available online system to have a conversation with your doctor.

It is estimated that hundreds of thousands, probably millions, of Brits are not contacting their GPs or visiting A&E over health concerns during lockdown, because of the understandable fear of contracting Covid-19.

The systems are in place to make a visit to a health professional as safe as possible. Five or ten minutes wearing a mask and possibly gloves (PPE requirements vary) while talking to your doctor is far better than weeks or months of worry and the possibility of escalating a minor ailment into something much, much bigger.

7 thoughts on “Life in Lockdown | Follow Up on Health Concerns

  1. Wise advice Ruth. Glad you got your worries allayed quickly. Our national health system has also said the same thing & we now have regular spots on the nightly news & a few radio commercials advising people not to wait & that’s it is safe to visit the doctor, (phone calls first).

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  2. Absolutely true Ruth. Our daughter had to contact the GP with a concern about her daughter and she uploaded a photo to a web form along with details of the ailment and within 24 hours she had a call back and a prescription had been electronically sent to the chemist for medication. I wonder if ‘virtual’ appointments will remain after this?
    I have spent the last couple of days with an awfully bloodshot eye, the pharmacist looked at it (from a safe distance and with me wearing a mask) and said I need to see an optician so today I am off for an emergency appointment with strict instructions that I have to wait outside until called in, I have to wear a mask and the optician will be in PPE. I feel a little nervous as he will obviously have to get closer than 6′ – but it sounds as if things are as safe as they can be in the circumstances.

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    1. It’s been good to know that the new systems re primary health care seem to be working. I hope the visit to the opticians has been productive and your eye will be back to normal soon.


  3. We’ve both been in for our checkups since things have opened up more here & the process went very smoothly … except I don’t think I’ll ever get accustomed to wearing the mask (especially with my glasses!).
    Glad all is well there!

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