Life in Lockdown | Family Favourites

Thanks to the easing in the UK lockdown, we’ve been able to visit The Brainy Boy, The Colombian and our three great nephews. Luckily for them and us, they moved house just 2 weeks before lockdown began and now have a much bigger garden. One that can easily cope with a socially-distanced family get-together.

It goes without saying that it was utterly brilliant to see them all. It also goes without saying that it was hard not being able to hug and kiss them.

Cachirulo let me take his photo and The Colombian sneakily caught me in action.

Los Pequeños are now easier to tell apart, thanks to one of them having endured a lockdown haircut. Their Mama cried after #1 had his hair cut. #2 took one look at his brother and said “No!”

Here’s hoping we can hug and kiss them soon.

9 thoughts on “Life in Lockdown | Family Favourites

  1. How lovely you were able to visit with family. Looks like a perfect spot; it’s the horses (col), to gather together in fresh air. Locally hairdressers in our region have opened & ours said she was surprised by the so few “mistake” haircuts (lol). #1’s hair cut doesn’t look that bad.

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    1. I think Cachirulo went second with his haircut and got his parents to stop before he was as shorn as Twin #1.
      Those ponies are polo ponies and there’s a polo yard further down the lane.


  2. Looks like it was a very nice visit! Great photo of you taking that snapshot. And I laughed outloud at the haircut story. I trimmed Robbie’s hair three times, but he was finally able to get out & have the back and sides buzzed for the hot summer!

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