Things He Says | The Protective Edition


During our recent visit to Kew Gardens, we had an encounter with a lady who didn’t appear to understand the concept of socially-distancing.

At one point, she got to so close to me, she was almost standing on my feet.

I asked her what she thought she was doing and reminded her of the 2 metre rule.

She replied that she “didn’t have anything”.

I questioned how she knew that for sure and more importantly, how she knew I wasn’t currently contagious without realising it.

I then told her not to be an idiot.

8 thoughts on “Things He Says | The Protective Edition

  1. … and at this point in time, what doesn’t she get about 2 metres apart; masks; asymptomatic … I think TBC’s response was most appropriate. “Didn’t have anything” – other than a serve case of Covidiot

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  2. Certainly some idiotic behaviour from the woman. My partner has been doing our grocery shopping, he has had several encounters with dumb people in supermarkets, he has started to confront people who are leaning across him or standing far too close. We are not in a safe place yet.
    I love TBC’s caring response.

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    1. I’ve noticed that the stupid people all seem to be in the supermarket when I am there … how hard can it be to follow a one-way system?


  3. Great riposte and well-deserved. I am astonished at the number of people who seem to think the lockdown is over. We are still in it, aren’t we? I sometimes doubt myself and wonder if I’ve missed an important piece of news somewhere!

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    1. I’ve been wondering the same. I realise that some people have struggled with lockdown, but surely they must see that it was done for the best reasons?


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