Project Life Revisited | Weeks 23 and 24

Week 23:

I received a bouquet of belated-birthday-flowers from friends. We were able to book a visit to beautiful Waddesdon Manor.

Week 24:

Tilly had an appointment at the dog groomer. We walked up to school to collect some Maths books and it was great to see some of the staff in person. The highlight of the week was the day we spent with the family. (I need to correct the journaling for the 13th – an example of my brain moving faster than I can write.)

8 thoughts on “Project Life Revisited | Weeks 23 and 24

  1. Isn’t it amazing how different it feels just being able to see people in the flesh rather than via a computer screen? It really does lift the spirits. How nice to see a field trip making an appearance, I wonder where TBC would choose to go if he were allowed to pick the destination?!

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  2. A lovely catch up of the weeks. Do field trips mean reports need to be written afterwards? Seeing friends & colleagues in person is just what every one needs right now.

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  3. I had to laugh that TBC doesn’t like field trips. One of the things I’ve done for years when the nieces/nephews visit is to create a “field trip” … and they love them! No written report, but there’s usually a little mini-album or something to recap what we did. Of course, there’s a much difference response when their mom plans something … being Aunt Melissa has it’s advantages. 🙂

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    1. All TBC has to do is go on the field trip with a good grace, but he love a good whinge and whine if he thinks he can get away with it.


  4. Lovely pages – I always enjoy your mix of interesting cards, and your own handwriting. Ah, yes, you have a teenager! If it’s any consolation, ours used to complain about going out for walks in the countryside and now as adults, they can’t get enough of it :).

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