A Socially-Distanced Return to Kew Gardens

Just like properties belonging to the National Trust, Kew Gardens has reopened to the public by operating a booking system. The Boy Child and I popped in recently under the homeschooling category of another Field Trip. We’re fortunate that we can walk there – it’s about 40 minutes walk each way.

We have an annual membership, and in a pre-Covid world, would often stop by just for an hour to see something specific – the annual Orchid Festival or Chihuly. This visit, we simply enjoyed the space, the natural beauty around us and lack of aircraft arriving into Heathrow overhead.

The weather was murky but warm and at least the rain had moved off. There was an outdoor coffee stand operating, with a socially-distanced queue, which meant a cuppa for me and a tub of ice cream for The Boy Child.

The toilets were also open. 🙂

12 thoughts on “A Socially-Distanced Return to Kew Gardens

  1. Woo hoo! No wilderness wee this time!
    Must be lovely to have Kew so close to home, and it’s so large I am sure that keeping a safe distance wasn’t too hard to achieve.

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    1. Hahaha, I;m laughing at the thought of a wilderness wee! 🙂
      I’ve booked another Kew visit for later this week and am sending the boys.


  2. That is quite an impressive display of alliums. What a wonderful locate place to enjoy a change of scene. Was there any tree hugging?

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