Life in Lockdown | Life on Hold

I think we’re into Week 12 of Lockdown … but as the weeks are all blurring into each other, I can’t say for sure.

But I do know that a quarter of 2020 has been put on hold. Life, as we know it, is in suspended animation. The world is still turning. The sun is still rising and setting. The human race, however, is mostly still at home, with a few nervous forays into the outdoors.

Like you, we (or others) have cancelled or postponed quite a growing list of appointments, gatherings and travel arrangements:

  • A lunch with family and friends to mark The Boy Child becoming a teenager.
  • Easter weekend with the family.
  • The Season opening weekend at Sywell.
  • Blood donation session. Now rearranged for early August.
  • Four days in Bruges, Belgium. (This has been postponed until October at the earliest, but may have to be postponed again.)
  • Haircut for me at the end of April. I’m now on a waiting list for when the salon is allowed to reopen.
  • Meeting our newest great nephew.
  • Routine dental appointments.
  • Five days in Jersey during the May half-term.
  • A performance of To Kill a Mockingbird in London’s West End.

The above list obviously doesn’t include the closure of schools and work cancellations – we currently have no idea when school will reopen or when work bookings will commence again. Nor does it include the now non-existent in-person daily interaction we were used to having with friends.

What are the things you’ve had to cancel or postpone?

10 thoughts on “Life in Lockdown | Life on Hold

  1. We should be going to Portugal next week with our daughter and family but that is cancelled now, hairdressing appointments are well overdue, family lunches, dinners out with friends, childminding, my sister’s 70th birthday … it’s an ever growing list of cancellations or postponements with no proper end in sight.
    Both our grandsons are returning to nursery for a few hours a couple of days a week. L is SO excited – but it will be very different, they are only taking 5 children per session where there were 30. I think the kids are missing the social interaction every bit as much as us adults are. Let’s hope you can reschedule a few of your outings for later this year while the weather is still warm and dry!

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    1. We all have so many things cancelled or postponed – I know it’s been the right call but it’s hard to not have something definite to look forward to, isn’t it?
      It doesn’t look like The Boy Child will be returning to school until September … heaven help us!


  2. As a species hard wired for connection this Great Pause has been hard, even for those that are rather introverted. My first go away scrapping weekend in years was cancelled. We (me) were looking forward to my best friend coming from Alberta for a visit to help celebrate our anniversary & for us both to celebrate early, our birthdays together, that was cancelled. We had tickets for Evita, the entire season was cancelled. We have had dentist appointments pushed back to August or September. The only appointment that was kept was for Mr Man’s scheduled eye injections.

    Starting today, in our county, face masks are mandatory for going into any commercial business. July 2nd Toronto will begin with mandatory face masks on all TTC modes of transport (Toronto Transit Commission). Face masks have been mandatory on planes, trains, boats & any GO mode of transport (Government of Ontario) for about a month now. It’s another type of lock down. I am all for face masks/covering but some people are resisting & bitching loudly.

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    1. I really don’t understand the people who think social-distancing doesn’t include them or refuse to wear a mask on public transport. What happens when we experience a second wave of infections? What will they do and say then?
      Although we would prefer TBC to be in school, we appreciate the reasons why he isn’t. We are committed to remaining close to home for as long as we feel it’s necessary.
      Things might feel better if we had a government that seemed to know what they were doing and didn’t allow their advisors to break the lockdown conditions and then fob off the general public with a ridiculous excuse as to why did what they did.
      Says me, stepping down from my soapbox. 🙂

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      1. We’re noticing so very many people out without face masks as it’s not required here in our county. Robbie went to the grocery store yesterday & said less and less people are wearing masks … despite the fact that this week we had the most new cases in one day!

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  3. I’ve been working on a similar list of The Things That Didn’t Happen because of COVID-19. Along with appointments and daily stuff, we had to cancel a trip we had planned with our nephews. They were going to drive down to Texas & then we were going on a 10-day road trip. We had not planned other vacations & we are still on hold wondering if we’ll have a chance to go anywhere at all this year.

    We’ve seen several theater versions of “To Kill A Mockingbird” … one of them in London’s West End! It was a great production, but my favorite performance was the one with one of my nieces playing Scout at a local community theater group. 🙂

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  4. That’s quite a list of cancellations :(. With the possibility of a second wave of infection, it’s hard to make any plans at all, isn’t it. I can see this stretching into next year … We had to cancel a ten day trip to see our son and family, with stopovers for visiting Belgium and Luxembourg, and will probably not be able to be present at our grand-daughter’s first birthday next month, unless slightly wider ‘bubbles’ can form. It seems as if many people have given up on any kind of taking care … and I was cheering in agreement with your soapbox comment!

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