A Socially-Distanced Return to Waddesdon Manor

With the lifting of some aspects of the UK lockdown, the National Trust has reopened some of its sites and introduced a booking system for visitors. Keen for a change of scenery and a chance to go out in the car, we booked a visit to Waddesdon Manor in Buckinghamshire. (Our favourites – Hughenden and Greys Court – weren’t in the first phase of sites to reopen.)

I was a little apprehensive about managing the social-distancing initially, but it all worked out fine. The Waddesdon Estate is huge and numbers were severely limited.

The Boy Child wasn’t really impressed when I told him that I considered the outing a Field Trip, giving us a legitimate reason not to be at home and homeschooling. But he did admit it was better than double Maths!

The reality was that our outing was just a 90 minute dog walk in a glorious setting, albeit with zero options to stop for a cuppa or a comfort break.

Rumours that I peed in the bushes twice are unfounded …

14 thoughts on “A Socially-Distanced Return to Waddesdon Manor

  1. Listen, if it’s ok for Tilly, it’s ok for you 😉 The lack of loos is definitely a consideration that will affect how far afield we go – because of this I did buy a ‘Shewee’ recently (have yet to try it out on an excursion though!)
    How nice to go out and do something normal – and I absolutely agree, so much better than double maths!

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  2. I don’t listen to rumours …

    Oh yes that adventure out was just what everyone needed – #1 on anyone’s list, somewhere out of the house.

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    1. It was lovely and now there are more properties opening up, we’ll be booking to go somewhere else … hopefully a place with toilets!


  3. Nice to see you out and about and yes, anything is better than double maths! You had a lovely day for it too. (I had to google shewee and may well send for one! The things you learn on blogs …!). Thank gppdness for the National Trust …


  4. The same lack of access to toilets exists here in the US. Maybe b/c mostly men are making the plans & they don’t have the same needs? IDK, it’s something we have to plan for in any trip away from home now. Enjoyed seeing the estate you visited & glad you got a break 😊

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    1. Haha, I hadn’t considered it’s the men making the decisions about venues reopening, but I think you have a point! 🙂
      We were on another Field Trip yesterday and they did have their toilet blocks open, thankfully.


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