The Summer Photography Scavenger Hunt 2020 Is On

The lovely Mary-Lou of Patio Postcards has released this year’s Summer Photography Scavenger Hunt and it’s definitely virus-friendly. 🙂 You can find the list here.

There’s only one hard and fast rule: every image you find must have been taken between 1 June and 30 September.

The hunt is lots of fun – the first link-up takes place on Tuesday, 30 June.

Will you join in this Summer?

10 thoughts on “The Summer Photography Scavenger Hunt 2020 Is On

  1. Absolutely! I’ve been counting the days until we could start! We went for a walk in Saffron Walden on Wednesday and I managed a ‘oh look, that’s on the list’ moment there 🙂

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    1. I sent the list to my non-blogging friend and now we have a shared album for the our finds through Google Photos. It always takes me a few days in early June to remember that the hunt is on and to have a copy of the list with me at all times, either on paper or electronically. Happy hunting!


  2. Thank you Ruth for the link up. I hope that there is enough on the list for everyone to have fun searching but also a bit of a challenge all within the rules of physical distancing … let the games begin! Such a sweet photo of Tilly.

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