Project Life Revisited | Weeks 19 and 20

Week 19:

I finished listening to 13 Minutes to the Moon (via BBC Sounds and the BBC World Service). I might have purchased a pair of funky gold trainers from Boden. We had a Champagne Afternoon Tea to commemorate VE Day. I had an hour to myself and caught up on Series 5 of Outlander (still 2 episodes to go).

Week 20:

I downloaded Times Like These by the Live Lounge Allstars. Tilly continues on as before – she still doesn’t believe that the No-Dogs-On-The-Bed rule applies to her. I’m rereading Death and Other Happy Endings. I wore a face mask for the first time when I went to the supermarket.

8 thoughts on “Project Life Revisited | Weeks 19 and 20

  1. I’ve only worn a face covering once and found that my glasses very soon misted up! It’s not that comfortable really is it? I love the new shoes, I bet you wear them a lot!

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    1. I was at the supermarket again this morning and it was better, probably because I’d popped my contacts in – certainly less moist all round! 🙂
      My new gold trainers have had a lot of wear and I may, just may, have purchased a second pair when Boden had a 30% off day last week … I can neither confirm nor deny …

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  2. I laughed out loud as you described your face mask wearing experience as moist. It certainly is that. Those gold trainers are too cha cha for words.

    We have been told no to wearing gloves & many stores are now not allowing. It’s because many people put the gloves on & wear them for several tasks – gloves we are told, are a one task, one time wear. We are told “your best defense is the mask & washing your hands often”. Funny odd how the rules keep changing.

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    1. Gloves are definitely one-wear-only. There’s some confusion here about what’s expected if you’re outside your home. It’s masks in the supermarket for me for the foreseeable future and I’ve even learned how to sterilise them in the microwave so that I can safely reuse them and not have to order more.

      My new gold trainers are fab!


  3. Oh, I really like those gold shoes – so FUN! Robbie’s been wearing a mask to the grocery store for the past two months; I’ve worn mine the two times I’ve been out (to drop my car off for service & to the UPS store).

    That BBC series looks interesting! I was all set Wednesday, watching the countdown etc for the Space X/NASA manned launch to the ISS … right up until it was scrubbed! It’s all re-set for tomorrow, so we’ll have the coverage on again.

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    1. We were live-streaming the NASA launch via the CNN YouTube channel – fingers crossed for tomorrow.

      My new gold trainers are fab! 🙂


  4. Your pages are always so full of visual variety – lovely to look at. I am admiring those golden twinkling toes :). Glad to hear I am not the only one wearing a mask in the supermarket – I stand out up here.

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