Covid-19 | The Journal | Part 3

Captain Tom made his first appearance in our Covid-19 journal:

Also added is our Lockdown Playlist. I simply listed the songs on a few vertical 4×6 journaling cards, popped them into a glassine envelope, which I had mounted on musically-themed patterned paper, and added a few embellishments.

The Boy Child has picked up additional chores since we began staying at home which, it has to be said, he isn’t too happy about. (I scraplifted this idea from here):

I also found an album I really liked – a complete contrast to the album’s contents. (I did not buy the album from that globally-known online store: I bought it (cheaper) here, but they now appear to have sold out.)

15 thoughts on “Covid-19 | The Journal | Part 3

  1. Oh no – more chores? Changing a duvet cover can be so tricky – does he ever try to get Tilly to ‘help’?
    Does this also mean more pocket money though? 😉

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    1. Pocket money? He’s not paid for his chores – he lives here so he has to contribute.
      It’s the funniest thing watching him trying to take a duvet cover off. And Tilly is only interested in helping at supper time!


  2. Ruth I love your thoughts about chores … all in it together & he lives here. It is all about preparing him for (1) uni life (dorm life) & just life skills. Plus not going too far down the road, but his wife will thank you (col)!

    Captain, now Colonel Tom received kudos from around the world, I read 150,000 cards along with donations – you won’t see him whining about having to wear a mask. Bravo, clap clap clap …

    I’ve been trying to support my local scrapstore & only purchase from there. I’ve been tempted to get some things from a large online store but held strong & made do with what I could order from Two Scrap Friends.

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