Covid-19 | The Journal | Part 2

Added to our Covid-19 journal has been a spread about our attempt at making face masks. I filled one half of a 3×4 pocket with embellishments and stitched diagonally across it. (The embellishments are actually highlighting the other side of the spread, which details the scarcity of paracetamol.)

We were suppose to have travelled to Bruges in Belgium during the second week of the Easter holidays and I wanted to include that story. The Boy Child and I sat in our car and posed for a photo of us pretending we were on our way. I then borrowed an idea for an interactive element from here.

The brilliant map paper is from Echo Park Paper.

7 thoughts on “Covid-19 | The Journal | Part 2

  1. That’s a great piece of work on the interactive journal tag. Your COVID-19 journal has, dare I say, some fun bits to it. Was the mask building an exercise of home classroom, along with the journaling of a cancelled trip? Yes, fingers crossed that October’s plans can go ahead.

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    1. I incorporated the making of masks into an Art lesson. 🙂
      The interactive journal tag took ages, but I am really pleased with the end result. And yes, fingers crossed for October.


  2. Surely things may have improved by October enough to allow travel – I really hope your plans go ahead. I like the idea of the ‘pretend’ journey you acted out!

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    1. Re October – I do hope so!
      Re the staged car photo – I thought it was funny … TBC thought it was bonkers (but at least he agreed to play along)!


  3. Oh, I like that you included the story of the trip that didn’t happen. I’ve been contemplating a layout titled “What Didn’t Happen in 2020” … just listing things that we had to cancel or postpone these last few months.

    BTW – I had to look up paracetamol to find out its the same as Tylenol or acetaminophen. 🙂


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