Things He Says | Covid-19 | The Homeschooling Edition

Me: “This week’s History assignment is to write about VE Day and what it means.”

Him: “Excellent! It is, as you know, my area of expertise!”

12 thoughts on “Things He Says | Covid-19 | The Homeschooling Edition

  1. Oh how lovely to have a homework assignment that he is keen to complete. Let’s hope there are more that generate such enthusiasm! I love the fact that this is ‘his area of expertise’!

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  2. As someone has already said, how lovely that he is happy to do this assignment. He does make me chuckle, which is much needed in these strange times.

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  3. I love it – we all need an area of expertise!! ๐Ÿ™‚

    We just watched the American Girl Molly movie & it was set during the war. They showed some original war film footage (when the characters were at the movies) and played a portion of the Queen’s first address (before she was queen, of course) during the show. The main character played Miss Victory in a school production. It was such a great show.

    I found it interesting because the Queen had just mentioned that address in her video last month.

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      1. Yes, it’s suitable for the boy child, as are all the American Girl movies, very family friendly. I think he would enjoy the Kit Kittredge the best as it has several young boy characters and a magician and a librarian, set during the Great Depression. Several of these are on Amazon Prime for a very low rental fee.

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