One Photo | Twenty Words

For this week’s Food Tech lesson: Peanut Butter Loaf*. No yeast. No eggs. It smells heavenly and tastes absolutely fantastic.

*Recipe to follow tomorrow.

11 thoughts on “One Photo | Twenty Words

  1. TBC seems quite pleased with his assignment – an A+for sure.

    Oh another recipe for yeastless bread – thank you. Mr Man does like peanut butter cookies, so I imagine Peanut Butter Bread will be a winner.

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  2. That’s a sure way to get us all back here tomorrow. I have been on a binge of peanut butter fudge during the lockdown, and this looks to be healthier. Although if the recipe proves not to be, that won’t stop me from trying it.

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  3. Looks amazing! Great photo and TBC looks so pleased with his work too! Sounds like his ‘teachers’ gave it top marks for taste as well!
    Thank you for sharing the recipe too, may have to try making this one – love peanut butter.

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