Covid-19 | The Journal, Part 1

We are currently living through something that future generations will learn about in their school History lessons. As a memory keeper, I felt it was important to create a record of my own family’s experience.

I’m mostly using pocket pages in 6×8, with cards for the journaling from my favourite In a Creative Bubble.

I’m hoping to fill it with an accurate depiction of life under lockdown – the facts: what it’s like when I venture to the supermarket, homeschooling, how we’re filling the days, what’s in the news, etc.

A lovely source of inspiration can be found here.

There are also lots of free resources available: In a Creative Bubble, Kerri Bradford, Scrappin’ Happy Studio and Katie the Creative Lady.

8 thoughts on “Covid-19 | The Journal, Part 1

  1. This looks great & will be such a wonderful historical record of life during this pandemic! I thought the Queen’s address was wonderful & inspirational.

    Things are starting to open up here (although we’re still staying at home for now); schools will not reopen until the fall. I’m afraid many of the students will be very behind based on what I’m seeing posted … it’s so refreshing & wonderful to see you making it work for y’all & striving to keep up with the homeschooling!

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    1. What’s happening in the US is on the news here and I can’t help feeling that the lifting of the restrictions is too soon … I think you’re right to stay home for now.
      Both The Boy Child and I are just about done with homeschooling, to be honest.


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