Life in Lockdown | Give Yourself Grace

As much as we all want to live these perfect socially-distant lives right now, it’s just impossible, and you have to give yourself some grace and leeway.

We’re not on holiday; this isn’t “time off.”

It’s a global crisis.

If you watch the news and it makes you cry, or it makes you sad, anxious, upset, angry, frustrated, or depressed, that’s the most normal thing you could feel right now; allow yourself to feel those feelings first and foremost.

And something to remember:

“Your life is going to be better than you’ll ever imagine and harder than you know. All of it is temporary. All of it is worth it. Go forward. And stand up straight*.” – Nora McInery.

*No word of a lie, I sat up straighter as I typed those last 4 words. 🙂

7 thoughts on “Life in Lockdown | Give Yourself Grace

  1. I keep trying to tell myself that this time next year we will look back on this time and wonder how we got through it. But we will, and a new kind of normal will gradually appear. I wonder what Sunday’s update will bring? No easy task finding a safe way to relax things!

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    1. I’m finding it hard to imagine how life will look after this – it certainly won’t be like it was before. A vaccine is obviously going to be key and I have my fingers crossed for a global effort on this one – disappointing to learn that the USA, India and Russia are not joining the global team.


  2. Great quote, great advice. It is certainly a time for the world I could never have imagined. Last week I had several down moments. I gave myself permission to feel all the feels for 15 minutes, then I stood up & got on with it. I find my gratitude journal is a great tool or weapon against long drawn out pity parties.

    Miss Tilly certainly looks relaxed & enjoying her day. She seems to be leading the way on daily gratitude.

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  3. Yes, I do think we have to just sit with the feelings at time. I’m not sure how the new normal will look when things finally turn around. With the opening up of things around here, so many people are out and about that it’s scary. They are even opening up hair & nail salons on Friday! 😐

    I’m still staying home right now! And trying to stay away from the news for a bit.

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