Scrapbooking in 2020 #6

We’re in week 5 of lockdown and I seem to have finally found time during daylight hours for crafting. We appear to have reached an unspoken agreement where all 4 of us are happy to have alone time for an hour or so most afternoons. Tilly spends her alone time asleep.

I’m still plugging away at upgrading The Boy Child’s early scrapbook albums and I’m re-looking at the Summer of 2009, with a few forays into 2010.

This design was perfect for giving a home to a set of photos that don’t require any explanation. I was apprehensive about using so much pink, but I’m really pleased with the finished look. I scraplifted the design from one seen on Instagram.

This one features a paper folding technique I learned after a Gogo Getaway weekend. The flowers are fiddly to make and assemble, but by using Autumn-themed patterned paper, they definitely add something to the page.

At the time of photographing, this page was still in need of journaling (now in place on the bottom right tag). I cut the 5″ tags out on my Cricut for uniformity and scraplifted the design from another seen on Instagram. This is a great design to use when you’ve several photos that are from the same time but don’t technically go together. Again, I surprised myself by how many pink elements make an appearance.

What have you been creating?

4 thoughts on “Scrapbooking in 2020 #6

  1. Beautiful, all of them! You’ve really found a groove here, Ruth! The little wellies are so sweet and the colours so fresh and pretty; and your dimensional flowers are such a striking touch – I was just thinking how great they’d be on a gift. Your hour-a-day of alone-time is very productive … And made me want to get out my card and paper again :).

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  2. WOW you have been very creative & productive during your alone time. I like your idea of design uniformity to bring those unrelated photos together & oh my to those flowers! Yesterday I had a little spurt of creativity & created some cards. I was waiting until I got some scrapbooking inspiration & I think you just provided that! (thank you).

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