Covid-19 | Life in Lockdown – At Home

What I’ve stopped doing:

Wearing my contact lenses.

Wearing make-up. This happened around day 9.

Having longish nails. Cutting them seemed the most sensible option.

What I’ve started doing:

Using tweezers on my eyebrows for the first time in years.

Brushing up on secondary school maths.

Beginners yoga and Pilates via YouTube and Instagram, one of the Joe’s many online workouts and even a Ballet Barre warm-up class (no talent for ballet needed whatsoever).

Making home schooling work for us. School’s in session mornings only and even then, the timings are flexible.

What hasn’t changed:

Getting up at the same time each day (that’s usually between 06.30-06.45).

Showering, teeth cleaning and getting dressed. I know some people are fully embracing the 24/7 pajama life right now, and I have zero judgement on that, but it’s not for me. Staying in my pajamas and not brushing my hair all day isn’t good for my mental health (although it turns out that I can live without wearing make-up).

Making the bed. I always, always make the bed. It is such a simple thing, but makes our room feel clean and orderly and sets the tone for a good day. Plus, it takes 2 minutes and there is nothing I like better than climbing into a made bed at the end of the day.

Going to bed at the same time (that’s usually between 22.00-22.30). I usually manage a few pages of my current book once in bed, but I’ve been known to go to bed around 21.30 if I want a proper read.

Going outside. I really enjoy my daily walk with Tilly and I’ve given the garden more attention than its had in years.

What have you stopped/started doing in your Lockdown Life?

19 thoughts on “Covid-19 | Life in Lockdown – At Home

  1. Aren’t we adaptable as human beings? You seem to be making the best of things and doing what works for you :). Up here, with a baby in the household, I find I cope best by making sure our bedroom is extremely tidy and ordered, the laundry is kept moving, and I’ve added disinfecting door handles and bells, banisters, light switches etc. to our routine. I’d stopped trying to do anything crafty but feel a but more like it now. Still adding a touch of eyebrow pencil, mascara and lip gloss :).

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    1. I’ve been disinfecting the front gates, the doorbell and the front door. It probably wouldn’t go amiss if I started on light switches and the like …


  2. I can feel myself nodding along and agreeing with these (except for home schooling!). I think it is important to make a bit of an effort with my appearance, just because I’m not going out shouldn’t stop me thinking about what I’m going to wear for the day. I even put on make up and ear rings for a video chat with friends!
    I have come to realise that I need a routine more than I thought. Although those routines all seem to revolve around times for eating and drinking! I’ve also become more relaxed about ‘use by’ dates on food (apart from dairy, meat and fish!) with the result that our food waste has become virtually nil which I am quite proud about. I see it as a challenge now to find a way to incorporate slightly past their best vegetables into a recipe or freeze them before they have passed the point of no return. I’ve also discovered that spending a little while on writing a detailed weekly meal plan I can actually only go food shopping once a week – that’s a huge change!
    Good luck with the first week back after the school Easter Holidays 😉

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    1. I’ve stopped thinking about make-up … until I catch sight of myself in the mirror! I put mascara and lipstick on this morning.
      I agree with your remarks about food – I am policing consumption and potential waste like a mad woman!
      Home-schooling went well this morning …


  3. I also was head nodding to most of your list. At first I wasn’t wearing my earrings but I noticed that my ear piercings were closing in, so I’ve added wearing earrings to my daily personal routine, even the special ones are being called into service.

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  4. We’ve stopped going out to eat, which would seem obvious but the drive throughs around here are all open & most restaurants are offering curbside delivery with phone in orders. However, we haven’t missed eating out and are enjoying taking turns cooking & using up all the leftovers & trying new recipes.

    I rarely wear makeup on the days I’m home all day anyway, so that hasn’t been changed really. I’m also getting dressed (to some extent) every day, although a once-a-week pajama day isn’t unheard of at any time around here.

    I trimmed Robbie’s hair for the first time ever this past weekend. He was a little leery, but pleasantly surprised that I (mostly) knew what I was doing. I already trim my own bangs when they need it & I had started growing out my highlights at the end of last year, so all’s well there.

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    1. I forgot about not going out to eat, probably because it’s not that regular a thing or us. We decided not to order any take-aways during lockdown, because although we’d like to support the restaurants that are still open, we just don’t feel that the risk is worthwhile.


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