Four Fun Things | Covid-19

Life is worrying, uncertain and constrained just now, but it’s not all bad …


Commander Scott Kelly spent a year in space and is sharing tips on coping with isolation here.

Stunning photos of some of our world’s great, now-empty spaces.

A useful list on interchangeable ingredients (in American English, so we Brits may need to work out which food is being referred to before swapping it for something else.)

The incomparable and fabulous Dolly Parton has launched a bedtime story video series. Who’s in for a bedtime story?

6 thoughts on “Four Fun Things | Covid-19

  1. I enjoy traveling to those now empty spaces. Thanks for sharing those other links. Your sidewalk chalk was going to be one of my wisdoms … I really like that quote as it speaks to why we stay home.

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  2. We walked through old Jerusalem in 2009 on a cold, clear December night at just the right time. It was empty of all other visitors. Places so crowded during the day were almost eerily silent and still. It was wonderful and haunting…

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    1. What a lovely memory to have. When we’re away somewhere, we’re always out first thing in the morning before, as my mum used to say, the streets were aired.


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