One Photo | Twenty Words | The Covid-19 Edition

It was all a bit Blue Peter – kitchen roll, tissues and elastic bands – but we had ourselves a face mask.

9 thoughts on “One Photo | Twenty Words | The Covid-19 Edition

    1. Haha, nope! He thought the whole thing was hilarious. But as he’s hardly leaving the house, I’m not too concerned about outside contact.


  1. Well, it’s definitely inventive!!

    I’m still not venturing out, but my sister sent us really nice cloth masks that she made. Robbie wears his to the grocery store & says most people there are wearing some form of masks these days.

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    1. I was in the supermarket early this morning and noticed that I was in a minority by not wearing a mask (I was wearing gloves) … I’ve found an online supplier who has masks at a reasonable price so have gone ahead and ordered some. They will hopefully have arrived by the time I next venture to the supermarket.
      We held off ordering masks before now because we were concerned about diverting stock, no matter how small an order, from those people who are on the front line.


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