Covid-19 | Life in Lockdown -Texas, USA

When it became clear that most of the world would be in some sort of lockdown because of the rampant spread of the Coronavirus, Covid-19, I reached out to friends around the globe and asked them to send me a short piece on what life is like for them right now.

Second in this mini-series of posts is Melissa of Daily Life – Bits and Pieces blog, who wrote her piece at the end of March:

Here in Texas, I’ve been practicing social distancing since March 7, a week or so before governmental recommendations and mandates began, hoping to protect my immune system after a terrible bout with pneumonia last year. I often take spells of being very much a homebody, so I’m enjoying having the excuse to just stay in and read, scrapbook, craft, organize, and blog. My hubby Robbie is now on his fourth week of working from home; he already had a little home office setup as he has business calls at various hours when dealing with clients around the world. We’re taking turns cooking healthy meals (and have realized how often we were eating out, ordering in, or picking up take out).

A world-wide run on loo roll

It all sounds like everything is going nice and smoothly here, doesn’t it? Honestly, in some ways it is…but in other ways it’s terrible disconcerting how quickly things have changed and how the world is so very different from the one we were living in just a month ago.

These past few weeks there have been changes and updates and new regulations practically every day! Robbie’s ventured out to the grocery store once a week; fortunately, we keep things pretty stocked up here on a regular basis because there have been lots of empty shelves (and, yes, a lack of toilet paper). Last week President Trump extended the social distancing guidelines through April 30. I never thought I’d see the day when I couldn’t just get in the car and go visit my parents or drive over to Louisiana to visit my niece; yet family visits are deemed nonessential travel and quarantine guidelines are in effect for crossing some state borders!

I’ve found myself at times just needing to sit still so I can absorb it all and not become overwhelmed, letting the Lord’s peace calm me during this stressful time, remembering His goodness and provision throughout my life. I’m also comforted knowing that so many individuals and organizations in our city, our state, our nation, our world are working together to slow the spread, find a vaccine, protect those most vulnerable, and (eventually) get things back to normal. As the old adage says, “This too shall pass.”  In the meantime, please share in the comments what brings you comfort during these unprecedented times.

Thanks so much, Melissa!

As this weekend is Easter, the next scheduled post will appear on Tuesday, 14 April.

10 thoughts on “Covid-19 | Life in Lockdown -Texas, USA

  1. How interesting to see how things are in Texas – thanks Melissa for the insight! It seems that those of us with an interest in crafting are possibly the ones best placed to be safely staying at home – no excuse to be bored if you have hobbies you can do indoors!
    It is the freedom that everyone is missing the most isn’t it? That inability to just get in the car and visit friends and relatives. I agree with Melissa, sometimes you just need to sit still, appreciate what we do have and know that this won’t last forever.
    Thanks for organising this series of posts Ruth!

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    1. I thought I’d have more time for scrapbooking, but that’s not turning out to be the case … I need to tweak our new routine in my favour!


  2. Always nice to hear from Melissa. I agree, it’s good to keep busy & to routines. I wonder what new routines we will develop after self isolation is not the norm.

    Ruth, hope you & the family have a good Easter weekend.

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