Things He Says | The That's For Ladies Like You Edition

With The Boy Child now at home for at least 4 weeks, I’ve tried to encourage him to create a scrapbook page or two of his own, instead of simply looking at the ones I make.

He looked at me, rather witheringly, and said,” Scrapbooking is for ladies like you …”

In reply, I asked, “Do you mean old ladies?”

“Yes, old … {dramatic pause} … and slow.”

15 thoughts on “Things He Says | The That's For Ladies Like You Edition

  1. Those are beautiful pages TBC is looking at. Old & slow, ha, TBC should see us move at a sale of scrapping paper, Usain Bolt himself couldn’t catch us …

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  2. Scrap booking seems so much and I haven’t done it in two years. Every trip of mine dives right into my Travel Scrapbook. It’s a lovely way and I ‘m sure you are having loads of fun with yours. πŸ™‚

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