Covid-19 | The Early Days of Home Schooling

Because you knew I would …

Nine days in on the home schooling front. I’d be lying if I told you that all had been well … but it has gone better then expected.

We’re not trying to reinvent the educational wheel, we’re simply trying to get through the age-appropriate basics … English, Maths, History, Geography, Art, Science and PE. I am covering the humanities, The Brainy One, Maths and Science. We are also using online resources for topics like Film Studies.

Day 2: Geography

Lessons take place in the mornings only. Afternoons are for reading, screen time, helping with household chores, board games and anything else that I think of as we go along.

19 thoughts on “Covid-19 | The Early Days of Home Schooling

  1. You seem to have found a good balance here – all children need to have a routine to stick to. Not too rigid, but there is security to be found in knowing what the day holds. Is TBC’s school giving any on line guidance as to what you may be able to use for resources or setting daily goals?

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    1. He came home with a stack of work and we’re expecting more to arrive digitally today or tomorrow … but then it’s the Easter holidays … some schooling will continue, if only to fill the days because we can’t go anywhere.


  2. You are doing a great job Ruth, I think you have found the right balance, keeping afternoon for different activities. Keep on keeping on! All good wishes, Carole.

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  3. Nice that TBO is also taking some lessons. I am sure that routine is a key factor for keeping everyone calm at this time. Film studies would be a fun one, watch then next day discuss.

    I really like that bouquet of lithianthus in the background. Did the student bring for the teacher? Student gets an A!

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    1. Isn’t to cute! When I first purchased those stickers from Doodlebug, I couldn’t imagine when the mortar board would be used … how times have changed!


  4. So glad to hear it’s going better than expected! You are always so conscientious about scheduling fun things and keeping a good routine; I know this has been a change, but if anyone is up for the challenge, y’all are.

    That Film Studies looks interesting!


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